Ch. BayHill D'Artagnan

 Sire:  BIS Ch Affabull's King of Diamonds 
 Dam: Ch Starhaven's Tarot at BayHill 

 Breeder/Owner:  Linda Maugeri








 Ch. BayHill Machiavelli

 Sire:  Ch Monet's I Am Fulla Bull
 Dam: Ch Starhaven's Willow at BayHill
 Breeder/Owner:  Linda Maugeri







Multi BISS GHC BayHill Celebrate!

 Sire:  BIS Ch Stephlyn's Absolutely Fabulous!
 Dam: Ch BayHill La Dolce Vita

 Breeder/Owner:  Linda Maugeri 

 Co-Owner: Linda Wolfinger







 Ch. BayHill Sebastiano

 Sire:  2X World Ch, AM Ch, BIS Itl Ch Jaguar's Chewbaca Jamel
 Dam: Ch Starhaven's Tarot at BayHill
 Breeder/Owner:  Linda Maugeri
 Co-Owner: Dennis Nash







GCH. BayHill August Nash

 Sire:  Ch BayHill Sebastiano
 Dam: Ch BayHill Let Them Eat Cake
 Breeder:  Linda Maugeri
 Owners:  Linda Maugeri & Dennis Nash
            Sire:  GCh Bandog Bayou's Uptown Girl - WB Ind Specialty 2010

                       Bandog Bayou's Pearl Jammin  (13 pts)   

                       Ch BayHill Top Gun    (BOB winner)

                       GCH BayHill Elisabetta Regina  

                       Cruisaders True Ebullience (just needs majors)





 Ch. BayHill Allumer La Vie

 Sire:  Ch BayHill D'artagnan

 Dam: BayHill Blonde Bombshell
 Breeder/owner:  Linda Maugeri
 Co-Owners:  Heather & Scott Berg






Ch. BayHill's Sunrise Over Caltra

 Sire:  Ch BayHill D'Artagnan
 Dam: Ch Starhaven's Willow at BayHill
 Breeder:  Linda Maugeri
 Owner/Handler:  Beverly Gariano - Caltra





   CH. BayHill Paint By Number
   Sire:  Ch McBeth's Total Justice
   Dam: BayHill's Mon Amie Amelie
   Breeders: Linda Maugeri & Shirley Stephenson
   Owners: Linda Maugeri & Dennis Nash








  GCH BayHill Dominic Regalo

   Sire:  Ch BayHill D'Artagnang

   Dam: Ch. BayHill Let Them Eat Cake

   Breeders: Linda Maugeri  

   Owners: Linda Maugeri & Dennis Nash

   Handled by exclusively by Dennis Nash
   GCH Title finished 4/18/13 - Great job boys!




 GCH BayHill Grandmaster Flash at Kibo

 Sire: Ch BayHill Sebastiano

 Dam: Ch. BayHill La Dolce Vita

 Breeders: Linda Maugeri

 Owners: Linda Fox, Debbie Blunt & Linda Maugeri

           thank you ladies for bringing out the potential I saw in this little man!







CH BayHill Top Gun

Sire: GCh BayHill August Nash

Dam: Ch. BayHill Blonde Bombshell

Breeders: Linda Maugeri

Owners: Carol Gravestock and David Berry

Professionally Handled by Beep Lee